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Professional Furniture Assembly in Edmonton

Save yourself the hassle and get an expert furniture assembler

Use Madaflo Craftman handyman services so you never again have to build another piece of furniture! If you hate counting all the numerous little screws, bolts and fixings, hate unwrapping boxes and trying to read the confusing instructions. Or if you had to take furniture apart again because you built it incorrectly? Then using a Madaflo Craftman handyman makes a lot of sense! We have done a wide range of furniture assembly, which means we can do the job quickly and simply leave you to enjoy the finished product.

Handyman services can build anything from beds, wardrobes and bunk-beds to office furniture. If you have a busy schedule that prevents you from assembling your furniture purchases then have a Madaflo Craftman handyman come and put it together quickly and efficiently on your behalf. We are also happy to help you with assembling furniture after a move, relieving some of that stress.

Quick & Reliable Furniture Assembly

With Madaflo Craftman furniture assembly services, you simply tell us what you need assembled and we will tell you exactly how much it will cost. Contact Us Today!

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