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Professional Caulking & Sealing Services in Edmonton

Caulking and Sealing

Madaflo Craftman provides a full range of caulking and sealing services in the Greater Edmonton Area. We have the effective solution you need to get rid of that mold army that has surrounded your bathtub, sink, bathroom sealing, basement, kitchen and other places where the level of moisture in the air is high.

We specialize in interior caulking. Our caulking experts use the most suitable products to ensure correct external caulk joints and high quality waterproof sealant services.

We use the best practices to apply our interior caulking services in order to prevent airflow, leaking, and moisture damage, mold build up and impressively improve the appearance of the specific area.

Some of our caulking and sealing services include:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Joint caulking and sealants
  • Concrete repair
  • Masonry and concrete waterproofing
  • Window caulking and sealant
  • Bathroom caulking and sealant
  • Bathroom leakage repair
  • Bathtub re-caulking


Caulking and sealing is very important for a healthy environment. It is used to fill the space between to materials and prevent the entrance of air, moisture, and insects. Basically, caulk is used as a protector.

The Benefits:

  • Comfort - Effective caulking and sealing makes your home a comfortable place to stay. Every surface of your facility will be secure from water damage. Moreover, the property will be sound-proof, and there will be no gaps for pests or air to fill in. This way the air conditioning and the heating system of your house will be more effective and you’ll be able to maintain a constant room temperature.
  • Prevents Mildew - We use excellent window, kitchen, and bath calk products that are great at preventing mildew from appearing in your walls. Eliminating mold and mildew can be a very hard process, but caulking your home surfaces with appropriate sealants can prevent it from infesting in the first place.
  • Waterproofing - Rain, snow, and heavy winters are inevitable. However, water damage is. With the right exterior joint caulking and sealants you will not suffer from water leaking through cracks of different parts of your facility. Avoid costly repairs with our affordable caulking and sealing solutions!

Madaflo Craftman will look closely at your building to identify if there are any cracks or fractures, and decide for the material and technique that is going to be used to caulk and seal the cracks or spaces.

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