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Whether its a full home improvement, kitchen or bathroom renovation, deck & patio construction, and everything in between.

Home Improvement & Renovation Services in Greater Edmonton

Home Improvement

house painting edmonton
home improvement edmonton
home renovations edmonton

 When it comes to your home improvement projects our craftsmen have the expertise to get the job done and done right. 

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Fence Install & Repair

Fence Install & Repair
Fence Installation Edmonton
Fence repair Edmonton

If your home requires a new backyard boundary or if your existing fence is in need of a replacement, we've got you covered.

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Bathroom Fan Install/Repair

Bathroom Fan Install-Repair
Bathroom Fan Install-Repair Edmonton

 If you need a new bathroom exhaust fan installed or if your existing fan gets noisy, it's time to replace it.

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painting edmonton
painting companies edmonton
painting companies in edmonton
house painting edmonton

 From hard to reach walls to every nook and corner, Madaflo Craftman is ready to take care of all your painting needs. 

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Eavestrough Cleaning

Eavestrough Cleaning
Eavestrough Cleaning Edmonton

Call us to clear your clogged gutters today. Ignoring plugged eavestroughs can lead to serious problems down the road. 

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Deck & Patio Construction

Deck and Patio Construction
Deck and Patio Construction Edmonton

 A functional deck design and patio layout is dependent on meeting your specific needs, so it's a space that needs to be created carefully. 

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Your Trusted Handyman in the Greater Edmonton Area

Dedicated To Serving You

Madaflo Craftman is a family run business and we began operations in 2017. Our company is fully insured and most important, we provide service in English and French. Madaflo Craftman workers are highly skilled craftsmen. Madaflo Craftman is your trusted craftsman that will give you advice on what needs to get done, and will not hesitate to let you know who to contact in the event that the required work exceeds our knowledge.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not 100% thrilled with the results, we will return to make it right. We promise.

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